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Liability Waiver

I understand my participation, support, and or any involvement, monetary or otherwise, direct or indirect, with The J Rodie Hope Alliance removes any and all liability the J Rodie Hope Alliance would have under normal circumstances. I completely waive any and all legal and civil rights I may have, or the legal and civil rights my family, friends, or associated parties may have.

If I attend, or any family member, friend, or associated party attends a J Rodie Hope Alliance gathering, event, fundraiser, or similar event, I understand that alcoholic beverages may be provided and I am 100% responsible for any and all of my actions during, before, and after any such event. I understand that drinking alcohol may impair my ability to make sound decisions, and will impair my ability to safely drive or operate any vehicle, heavy machinery, motorized or electric, and I waive any and all liability from The J Rodie Hope Alliance, its volunteers, employees, the venue at which any J Rodie Hope Alliance event is held, and the owners of such property, buildings, staff, and any and all associated parties with the events I attend or pay for any individual or party to attend. I understand that I am waiving all legal and civil rights I may have, and I understand I cannot seek legal action of any kind against the J Rodie Hope Alliance, or any of The J Rodie Hope Alliance partners, contributors, associates, volunteers, or any party that may be directly or indirectly associated with The J Rodie Hope Alliance in any way, or form.

I understand this document prevents me from taking any and all legal action against the J Rodie Hope Alliance, its partners, volunteers, clients, or any associated party, directly or indirectly to The J Rodie Hope Alliance even if I have not read this document. I agree with every word and intended meaning within this entire document, and understand that my support, interaction with, directly or indirectly, with The J Rodie Hope Alliance constitutes as my agreement and understanding with everything contained within this document and all of its intended meaning.



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