Why Did I Give?


Victoria Latham,


I donated to J Rodie Hope Alliance because I believe in Jason’s dream. I have yet to meet someone more determined and focused on a goal than Jason. I look forward to seeing this non-profit company reach its full potential.


Rachel Boyle,


“I have known Jason Rodie for over 10 years. I donate and support not only because he has been a great friend throughout those years, but because I have grown to know what an amazing person he is and what faith and love he truly has for this foundation. I have seen him put his heart and soul into this and I know that, with God on his side, he will make things happen. I support the J. Rodie Hope Alliance because of the faith, love and strength I see within Jason.”


Darren Drake,


We donated because we believe that if families are educated and therapy/treatment begins at the earliest moment possible, the child can overcome all obstacles and challenges in life easier.

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Proceeds From These Products go to Helping The Hope Alliance

– Vitarin




– Dr. William Svoboda, author of Your Choices Your Life and Whats Most important, will donate 20 percent of the profit per each book sold from this site to the J Rodie Hope Alliance.

Thanks for Your Continued Generous Support

– Jason Rodie