Mission Statement

To create and employ a program that enables abilities through the mechanisms and fortitude of a person who is contracted with Cerebral Palsy.

Our vision is to be leaders on the path to a functioning contributing able Cerebral Palsy body. And to reveal in the eyes of people with Cerebral Palsy HOPE which ultimately portrays "I too can now triumph over Cerebral Palsy".

We will accomplish this by putting to action a routine program that includes therapy, conditioning and nutrition.

We value the personable rights of any human to be leaders of their lives into create a life that brings forth our own God given strengths of achievements and to reach beyond the environmental discretions in beliefs of I can't to "I can and will".



Contact Us


For questions or information about sponsorship, please contact:

Jason Rodie
10751 W. Overland Rd. Box # 185
Boise, ID 83709

Additional Address:
2910 South Greenfield Rd #1109
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Phone: 208-861-4554
Email: jarodie@msn.com





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