The J. Rodie Hope Alliance was formed in 2006 with the dream of helping children and family members with disabilities with a special emphasis on cerebral palsy.  Having CP myself since early childhood, I have experienced the physical pain, mental anguish, bullying and lack of personal self-worth that often accompanies those of us with disabilities.  It would have been easy to simply accept my undesirable situation but through clear goals, determination, experimentation, applications of science and a positive outlook, I have been able to overcome accepting others’ predictions of failure and frustration.  I want to share the positive ideas and practices that have worked for me and to act as a resource to help others find fulfillment and purpose in their lives.

Among the current and future goals of the J. Rodie Hope Alliance are:

* Providing assistance to obtain wheelchairs, braces, crutches and other medical supplies.
* Developing camps and clinics that will provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy and other therapies that are appropriate individual needs.
* Assist in providing suitable new housing and remodeling projects for those confined to wheelchairs.
* Help aspiring paralympians to achieve their goals by sponsoring events, coaching, training costs, travel costs, etc.
* Act as a resource center for those seeking help to cope with their disabilities.
* Support organizations involved in the research, treatment and dissemination of preventive and cure directed application to disabilities in general and cerebral palsy in particular.
* Support governmental and private organizations that promote public accommodations and modes of transportation for those with disabilities.
* Recruit and utilize volunteers to meet our goals more efficiently and more rapidly.