J. Rodie Hope Alliance Mission Statement


The J. Rodie Hope Alliance intends to be the leading national and eventual international organization providing information and services to those who have disabilities with a special emphasis on those with cerebral palsy, their families and their employers.  We envision our efforts resulting in a greater understanding of the variety of symptoms and intensities of this complex disease.  We see our efforts resulting in more realistic and effective efforts to deal with the effects of these disabilities.

It is our intention that disabilities such as cerebral palsy be seen as only one aspect of a person’s life that can inhibit some of the vast number of potentials existing in each of us.  However, the potentials that still exist are most important and can be exploited to their fullest resulting in a significant and meaningful lives.  The J. Rodie Hope Alliance sees and wants our clients to see disabilities as “hindrances that might slow you down” but “cannot stop you unless you allow them to.”

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